If you are like me, I NEED my coffee in the morning. Ever since my wife and I have been on the Keto Diet, we have gotten our day going with what is called in the keto world… Bulletproof Coffee.

Learning The Keto Way Ketogenic Diet Chai Tea16 oz coffee – black
1 Tbls MTC Oil << brain food helps boost Ketones & fat
1 or 2 Tbls Grass Fed Butter << helps boost Ketones & fat. If you need more fat use 2 Tbls
2 Tbls Heavy Cream << help with froth and adds fat
Dash of cinnamon & Nutmeg
Blend in a blender at high speed.

Best to make coffee in a french press so that you are getting the  antioxidants. When you blend the fats adhere to the antioxidants and are  instantly absorbed. The MCT & GFB are med-chain fats (good fats)  that once absorbed the liver goes into action and starts making Ketones.

The MCT oil also helps with brain function, clarity, focus and attention.

The drink as a whole will also helps you not feel hungry probably till lunch time.

Keto On!


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