What is Keto Premium?

Keto Premium is the necessary tools at your fingertips to see true and relevant results in your keto weight loss journey.

Are you ready for success…

Our PROVEN methodology, takes the guesswork out of getting started living the keto lifestyle. We have helped thousands of people navigate their keto journey with success. We provide YOU with a sound and successful method of living and loving the keto way of life.


  • PERSONAL SERVICE and personal access to help you realize true and lasting success on your keto, weight loss journey.
  • PERSONAL HELP GETTING SET UP We will help you run your macros and help you set them up in our approved app. We will help you understand why tracking is important. Training on how to use this app and hot to input your data. We will teach you to properly weigh in and take your measurements.
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our specialized app The Sliding Scale. This app has helped countless people see success in their weight loss journey by fine-tuning their macro tracking for OPTIMUM FAT BURNING CAPACITY.
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our growing library of over 250 Beginner Keto recipes that will not cause you to stumble and give you the tools you need to be successful with your keto journey. Our growing library of recipes is put together personally by Ray. He has gone over and edited every recipe to ensure that they are 100% keto friendly for the beginner.
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our podcasts “BULLETPROOF COFFEE WITH RAY & TRACYE. Our podcasts are educational and fun. We bring you real and relevant keto information! You can listen to these in your car, on your MP3 player or computer!
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS Growing video library with relevant topics and cooking tutorials.
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS Resource library to give you information, tools and more…