I love getting your questions and being able to answer them. For some of you, you have some really great questions and here is one that I wanted to share because I have had a number of people ask both, eating cheap and eating kosher.


I have a couple of challenges in trying to eat the Keto Way. One is that I am on Social Security, and buying grass fed butter is not in the budget. Is there a way we can eat Keto without breaking the bank? The other is that I try to eat Kosher, because that is my belief. With these two challenges, I have been hard pressed to get started.  – Carol H.


Ok, let me address the last first.

Eating Cheap Keto

keto eggs ketogenic - Learning The Keto WaySuggestion 1 – 30-70 ground beef, really inexpensive and high in fat. With keto, fat is our friend. Toss the calories, we work with macros.

Suggestion 2 – Chicken legs & thighs, again pretty cheap and if you want just legs, those are even cheaper. Again great fat and great taste. Save the bones also and make bone broth.

Suggestion 3 – Eggs, totally high in protein and really good for you. There are recipes on a 100 and 1 things todo with eggs.

Suggestion 4 – Avocado – Now most people say they are expensive, but the prices are coming down because of demand. Walmart has small Mexican avocados for .50 each. Purchase 7 and you have a great jump on your daily fats and fibers.

Suggestion 5 – Greens… collard, spinach, radish, mustard, kale, ect. All of these are cheap and you can do a lot of things with these. Save the fat from your chicken and beef and cook the greens in the fats and they are incredibly tasty.

All of these items are biblically allowed, now are they kosher as in have they been blessed by a Rabi? I am sure that you can find all of these are a Jewish grocery store. If not totally kosher, then Walmart will do and you will save money.

NOW… with the money you save not purchasing all the processed foods, pasta, rice, beans and other items like that; you can then afford grass fed butter for your coffee and MCT Oil also. You only need Grass Fed Butter for your coffee and yes, it does get expensive if you are using it in day to day eating. I only use it in my coffee.

You can still eat kosher, eat cheap and still be on keto. Where there is a will there is a way!

Keto On!



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