Cauli-Hash-browns-600x600-Learning-The-Keto-WayIf you are wanting hash browns in the morning but you know that potatoes are off the menu, then give my Cauliflower Hash Browns a try. I really think you will like them.


One head of cauliflower

Three eggs

3 to 4 green onions

Pink Himalayan salt

Black pepper

Garlic powder

Onion powder


Rice the cauliflower in your food processor

Add the riced cauliflower to a mixing bowl

Add three eggs to the mixing bowl

Chop up the green onions and add them to the mixing bowl

Add pink Himalayan salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder to taste

Mix all the ingredients together

Heat of the pan and add some bacon grease

Put about a half a cup to three quarters of a cup of the mix in the pan and flatten out

Be very patient and let the Browns crisped up. If you don’t allow them enough cooking time on one side they will break up when you try to flip them over.

Flip the hashbrowns over and browned the the other side

serve up and enjoy

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