Are you confused about what you can and cannot eat? Many are, our list below explains why these foods are not good for the beginning keto way of eating.

The ketogenic diet is not a standard “calorie counting” diet. In fact, we tell people to not pay a lot of attention to the calories, pay attention to the macros. The one time calories are an issue is if you are eating to few calories.

With the ketogenic diet you change your bodies chemistry and how it feeds itself from a carbohydrate (carb) based diet to a fats based diet (ketones – keto)

Our goal when doing a ketogenic diet is to assist putting our bodies into a state called ketosis.

What is ketosis?

Ketosis is a state where your body / liver stops converting carbs into sugar and instead produces ketones that feed on fat.

When you are in ketosis or trying to get in ketosis any food that you should NOT eat can hold you back or prevent you from going into ketosis. If you are new and not fully fat adapted, eating foods that you should not, could also kick you out of ketosis.

Being a beginner with the keto diet, you really must stick to the rules so that your body will go into ketosis.

How does one get in ketosis? Simple, drop your carb intake to 20 grams total (not net) of carbs daily. You want to be as close to that 20 without going over.
Do that for a few days and your liver will start producing ketones that will in turn feed off the fat and really give your body some energy you are going to enjoy.

The Bad List of Foods You Can’t Eat While Starting Keto


That includes the following…

White, brown, cane, raw and confectioner’s sugar

Syrups like maple, carob, corn, caramel and fruit

Honey and agave

Any food made with ingredients such as fructose, glucose, maltose, dextrose and lactose

All of these sugars will knock you out of ketosis very quickly!!!

Any and All Grains

keto cereals - Learning The Keto WayThis is a HUGE list and one that a lot of people trying to cheat on. If you eat high carbs when you are starting out your body, which is NOT fat adapted yet, will see these and jump on these carbs and then convert them to sugar.  This WILL kick you out of ketosis.

What you need to remember is that your body is literally addicted to carbs so that it can turn them into sugar.

So the following are big No – No’s…

Wheat, oats, all rice (white, brown, jasmine), quinoa, couscous, pilaf, etc.

Corn and all products containing corn, including popcorn, tortillas, grits, polenta and corn meal

All types of products made with flour, including bread, bagels, rolls, buns, muffins, skones, pasta, biscuits, twists, steam rolls, bread sticks, noodles, top ramen … getting the idea?

Beans Beans the Wonderful Fruit

Yep, Beans and other Legumes are not allowed. Any and pretty much all beans are nixed because they are REALY high in carbs.

SO that means no….

  • Kidney
  • Cannellini
  • Northern
  • Lima
  • Black
  • Red
  • Pinto
  • Navy
  • Lentils
  • Green beans
  • Soy beans

If it is a bean, you really shouldn’t have it. You will see your carbs go thru the roof if you do.

Almost ALL Fruits Are Not Keto Friendly

What we need to remember is that the ketogenic diet is not a diet at all, it is a lifestyle. It is what our great grandparents ate, and they were in great health right? One of the things that they did eat ON OCCATION was fruit. It is believed that our ancestors were in a constant state of ketosis and were so fat adapted that some fruit now and then was ok.

Fruit was also a luxury and not everywhere had fruit. Remember those catalogs you see around Christmas time telling you to send a box of beautifully raised fruit? Those companies are carry-overs from those days gone by.

So ALL FRUIT is bad ju-ju for those starting out on keto.

Tropical fruit like pineapple, mango, banana, papaya, guava

High-carb fruit like tangerine, grapes, pears, watermelon, apples, etc

Fruit juices – yes, even 100% fresh juices!

Dried fruits like dates, raisins, dried apricots, peaches, etc  All these have sugars and in fact, the dried versions are high because they are concentrated sugars due to the drying effect.

DON’T Eat Your Veggies!

All our lives we have been told “Eat your veggies!”

keto carrots - Learning The Keto WayWell, with the ketogenic lifestyle there are a lot of veggies that we really do not want to eat. Why? Because most contain high amounts of sugar, carbs or both.



Most Squash’s – Zucchini and Yellow Squash are ok

Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes (yams) Yucca, Jicama – tons of starch = carbs = sugars.

Tomatoes – Well, ripe tomatoes. Yeah, who would have guessed? Tomatoes are high in sugar and when you cook them down into a sauce, that concentrates the sugars.

Almost anything grown underground / root vegetable is high in carbs, sugar & starch. The exception being red radishes. Cook these up in bacon grease and they are incredible.

Most onions, but white onions have the lease amount of sugar, but yellow and red have higher amounts.

Sweet Peas — the “sweet” part should have triggered you there.

If you are looking at veggies, you want leafy greens, and veggies that grow on top of the ground. 99% of veggies grown underground are No Bueno (no good)

Nearly All Processed Foods

Processed foods are bad no matter what diet or food regiment we are on. Most of this stuff is what I call “Franken Food” and the ingredients that they are made of are chemicals with names I can barely pronounce.

Crackers, chips, pretzels, etc.

All types of candy

All desserts like cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream

Pancakes, waffles and other baked breakfast items

Oatmeal and cereals

Snack carbs, granola bars, most protein bars or meal replacements, etc.

Canned soups, boxed foods, any prepackaged meal

Foods containing artificial ingredients like artificial sweeteners (sucralose, aspartame, etc.), dyes and flavors

Sweetened and Caloric Beverages 

Soda of all types, diet or not. There are hidden sweeteners in these diet drinks that will blow you out of ketosis. It is not worth the risk.

Alcohol – beer, wine, liquor. NOW, believe it or not, if you are going to drink adult beverages, vodka and scotch are safe. Both are carb free.

Sweetened teas or coffee drinks

keto atkins - Learning The Keto Way

Milk and dairy replacements (cow’s milk, soy, almond, coconut, lactaid, cream, half and half, etc.)

The “Wanna-Be” Diet Foods

If it says “Low-fat”, “low-carb” and “zero-carb” products then put them back where you found them. That is unless you read the label with a magnifying glass and ensure all the ingredients are not anything that will knock you out of ketosis.

ALSO, Atkins products are NOT Keto Friendly, even though Atkins is a low carb diet, most of their stuff will blow you out of ketosis as well.

Diet soda and drinks, chewing gums and mints may be high in carbs or contain artificial additives, gluten, etc.)

All Those Cooking Oils We Were Told Were Good For us? Yeah, They Lied

Many of today’s oils are so processed and refined with chemicals. Just think about it for a moment. What vegetables have oil in them? None of them do. What the produce companies have done is chemically alter the vegetables to a point that they are now “franken food” risen from the veggi dead and some how they get some sort of oils out of them. Again, where I have no idea and that is the scary part.

Refined fats / oils




Canola  << One of the worse oils you can cook with


Grapeseed << Is on many keto friendly lists, but it is refined, so I would use with caution

Corn oil

Trans fats such as margarine


I hope that this list has you thinking.

Finally, if you are new to keto, do not try to cut the corners. You will end up stalling your momentum or you will knock yourself clean out of ketosis. If you do that, you will need to get back on the keto wagon and it will probably take several days to a week to get your body back into ketosis.

WHY? You ate some of the foods above, they need to cycle thru your body’s system. Some foods may take 24 – 26 hours, others may take 72 hours. Do you know that trans fats like Margarine take 25 days for your body to fully process? That is going to really demotivate you, having to wait that long to get back into ketosis.

So really pay attention to this list and try not to cut corners. The goal is to lose weight, look good and feel good. Just avoiding these foods in and of itself, you are helping your body.

If you have any questions and you are not sure about a food item, contact us at …


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